A Moment of Sheer Joy on Taiwan’s Coastal Highway

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One of the best feelings I’ve had in my life came from riding my scooter… I’m so serious.

I can remember it like it was yesterday… my first scooter ride out to Wai’ao, Taiwan, my favorite beach town on the island, with the most excitement I’ve felt in a while. The Coastal Highway was a dream come true to me – mountains to my right and the blue seas to my left. The most beautiful landscapes I’ve seen in person and I was scootering my way through them like something out of a movie.

That day was gray with water pebbles splashing against my plastic bug repeller. Because it was my first scooter ride alone on this winding highway, I was cautious… but at the same time too psyched to care. In true Taiwan fashion I was soaring past cars and taking turns like a champ. I loved every moment on my scooter – it was freedom, an adventure, the perfect topping to my stay in Taiwan. The rain wasn’t going to deter me from anything that day, I was making it to that damn beach no matter what.

And here it was – the final right turn after passing Fulong Beach. The sun came out, blue skies emerged and warmth swept over my body like I had just arrived in a whole new country – a complete 180. I pulled over to take my rain gear off, hopped back on my scooter and went around another turn that overwhelmed me with euphoria. It was like God laid this part of the world out for me to cry tears of joy over. I was so happy. The mountains, ocean, trees, skies and sun screamed at me – and I screamed back!

I was ALIVE!

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